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How to Stay Healthy in the Winter | Home Air Filter Delivery Service

How to Stay Healthy in the Winter | Home Air Filter Delivery Service

Who really loves winter anyway? Of course there is the beautiful freshly fallen snow and the perfect twinkling Christmas lights. But underneath all that is your seventh cold, your third trip to Instacare and numerous bottles of NyQuil. So, let’s start with the bad news...there isn’t a perfect “fix-all” solution to that negativity. The good news...we have a few ways that can make your winters....well, cleaner. In turn, your winter can be more healthy and bearable so that we can all enjoy the beauty that is blown in for five months of the year. All we want is cleaner air and better health. And we at Air don’t think that is too much to ask. So how can we do our part to prevent that nasty cold bug from sneaking into our homes and taking us away from the ugly sweaters and freshly baked fruit cake? Let’s start with the basics of changing your air filter on the regular. Now, we don’t say this solely because we want you to subscribe to our super cool company but we have kids, spouses and loved ones. We have a legitimate concern for the health of all the above mentioned individuals and who are we to say you’re not one of them. The trick is, remembering to actually change the filter. That is where Air comes in. We will do the remembering, you do the changing. The benefits that can come from regularly changing that nasty little air filter can create numerous health benefits. Changing your air filter regularly not only reduces the allergens in your home, but it can help keep energy costs down. The dirtier the air filter, the harder the system has to work. Short recap, change your air filter and you save your lungs, save some Benjamin’s, and prolong the life of your HVAC system. And with Air, it’s as easy as cooking a rotisserie chicken...Set it & Forget it! 

 There are a few other simple steps you can take in your own home to keep your air healthier, and even though all of us at Air aren’t as willing to help out with the next few ideas, don’t forget their importance. 

 Vacuum. A lot. I once heard a rumor that you should be vacuuming your house the same number of times a week as you have people living in your home. I’d like to apologize to some of you...you know who you are. Vacuuming regularly will remove unwanted dust and pet dander (if you’re the critter loving type) and keep the dust mites away. So breathe a little easier...after you’ve whipped out the vacuum of course.

 While you’re in the cleaning mood, you might as well keep your linens clean. Change your sheets, blankets, and towels often. Use a quality detergent and good grief make sure it smells nice too. Keeping your mattresses covered with a hypoallergenic cover can also eliminate allergens and bacteria that can creep into your respiratory system while you thought you were peacefully sleeping. 

Now with this next suggestion, don’t get all worked up because I have definitely not forgotten about the inversion that we call air around our little home state of Utah. So if you’re my neighbor, pick your days carefully. But a little fresh air never hurt anyone. I know what you are thinking….I’ll catch my death of a cold if I open a window and let that freezing air in. Pardon me, but you are so wrong. Crack those windows on a good air day and let the cool breeze take a walk around your abode. Think of it as having the same affect as your juice cleanse you plan on doing in the New Year….scratch that, those never work. Just crack those windows for a short period of time to freshen things up. If you’re still nervous you can always investigate purchasing an in-window air exchange that allows the cool fresh air to come in and the bought and paid for heated air to stay put. I wont harp on it, but if you’re taking my well thought out advice and changing your air filter regularly, you wont have a problem keeping the temperature right where you want it.

 Although I could carry on and on about how to make your life and lungs so much healthier I will give just one more solid piece of advice.  Make sure you are maintaining your heating appliances. I can imagine nothing worse than waking up to frost on the inside of your windows because you forgot to keep your furnace in check….but I actually kind of can imagine it because my little brother woke up the other day with this exact problem, and I am not one to say I told you so but……I really did tell him so. Whether you have a furnace, space heater, or a  fireplace, make sure they are getting the proper attention they need. If you promise to keep up on it, I promise you’ll save money in the long run. Don’t forget about the air ducts that keep things moving. A good clean out can do a lot of good and keep the air coming out nice and fresh.

 Winter doesn’t have to be such a rough time of year. A few extra steps to help maintain a healthy dose of air running through your house can bring a more stress free relaxing time of year. Spend your time enjoying your family and friends and not a glass of NyQuil on the rocks. At Air, we want to help with just that. We don’t want you to have that sick feeling in your stomach when you check your air filter once every six months and throw up a tiny bit in your mouth when you see what you’ve been breathing. At Air, we’ve got you….right to your front door.