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At Air our goal is to make life a little bit simpler. With a little technology, a concern for clean air and healthy living, a system that saves you time and money, and customer service that can’t be beat, you end up with an air filter at your door exactly when you need it.

Changing your air filter seems like a simple task. It really does. But there are a few things that were always hard for us (maybe we are the minority here, but we kind of don’t think so). First, you have to remember that your air filter needs to be changed, and in a timely fashion. Second, you have to remember to purchase said air filter. Third, you have to remember the size of the filter you need. You can peruse the filter isle at Home Depot for as long as you want and it’s still a guessing game. This is yet another reason we wanted to make Air happen. Once you sign up with Air, you can save your filter size and the time frame you want it delivered in. You literally never have to remember again. That, my friends, is why we do what we do. Life is chaotic and stressful and amazing and beautiful and Air wants to add to the simplicity of it all. 

For us, Air has become a way of life, don’t be mad we said that because we really do mean it. It has helped us in a small way to make sure we are taking care of those that we care about most. The little people living in our home (those are our children), seemed to be having runny noses or watery eyes more often than the average child should have to be annoyed with. We kind of figured it was kids being kids, licking swing sets and touching too many dead insects (which can 100% play a part in the health of a little body) but we as parents wanted to make sure that we did the best we could to keep those bugs and germs away. Changing our air filter regularly was one of those ways. Now we want to pat ourselves on the back and hug those snot-free little faces even more. Changing your air filter regularly, which is at least once every 90 days, can create wonderful health benefits to the air you breathe. It can eliminate dust particles and allergens from getting into your home through your HVAC system. Added bonus, it keeps your energy costs down, we know from first-hand experience baby. We know everyone has friends and family they love and care about, we can all do a little better at showing them how much we really do care. Let Air make this one easy for you.